Since its foundation in 2006 we at Impian Divers have been actively involved in developing a number of different reef restorations and cleaning activities. Even today, we are still one of the few dive centers on Koh Tao actively organizing those regular reef clean-ups on local riffs around Koh Tao.

The dive- and boat staff are trained to behave as eco-friendly as possible, and we are not using any chemicals in the dive center to keep the equipment clean. Obviously, we are not littering anything into the sea. Thanks to these kind of activities by some other eco-friendly dive centers too, the Koh Tao waters do look cleaner, and the fish life has better opportunities to increase, giving us divers more pleasure for the eyes!

Eight years ago, when already doing our weekly reef clean up, we were asked to participate in building Koh Tao’s first artificial reef: Hin Fai .  This initiated the actual Save Koh Tao activities.  Sites like this will take of the pressure of some of the heavily visited dive sites around Koh Tao.


Impian Divers is an active member of Green Fins Thailand, a non-profit organization that was founded a few years ago in Thailand and now has spread to other SE Asian countries.

All Green Fins member have to adhere to a strict code of conduct and operate at a minimum discharge policy.

Setting good examples however is not enough, also through the Environmental Monitoring Program and Coral Nursery activity Impian Divers helps creating awareness for divers and general public of the serious situation the coral reefs are in worldwide.

Those interested can follow the Environmental Monitoring Program training (EMP) with us and help monitor the health of our marine ecosystem. Results are reported online to the Save Koh Tao Marine group

When you come diving with us, we will explain more in details what you as diver can do with eco-related activities, what is meant with marine management and marine conversation and how you can actively involve in this.

With our coral nurseries we hope to build a bank of biodiversity and resilience to withstand. We are looking into which corals survive better and trying to promote these for future projects. In this way, with our changing environment we may be better suited assist the reef manage the changes.

The EMP DIVER course will really open your eyes to the underwater world and you will see it in a whole different light. Following completion of this 4-day course you will be certified to join surveys and survey teams around the globe and submit data to their team scientists who will then forward that data to Reef Check as part of their worldwide database.

During the course we teach Fish & Marine life ID and explain the ecological role of the animals and organisms, as well as open up a whole new world in the substrate that most people (even experienced divers) have often overlooked. It is also about learning the methodology and protocols of participating in a reef survey. What to count, what not to count, where are we looking and why?

The EMP DIVER course is a 4 day program that allows divers to participate in reef check surveys and submit data to reef check scientists in preparation for submission to the reef check Database. This data can be accessed by any concerned individual although it is mostly used by national governments & large organisations like the UN or EU.


Day 1: Introduction / Orientation
Classroom – Registration, EMP diver introduction PowerPoint presentation, Eco diver Methods DVD.
Water – ID Practice: Fish, Invertebrate, Substrate, Coral watch Introduction.

Day 2: Further ID & Survey Technique Development
Classroom – FISH ID PowerPoint presentation, Invertebrate ID PowerPoint Presentation, Substrate ID PowerPoint presentation.
Water – Fish Survey; Invertebrate Survey and Substrate Survey Practice.

Day 3: Full Reef Check Survey
Classroom – Fish ID Photo Test, Invertebrate ID Photo Test, Substrate ID Photo Test.
Water – Full Survey conducted on one of our local dive sites including survey of Fish, Invertebrate & Substrate Survey.

Day 4:
Classroom – Data Entry, Project AWARE specialty course, Reef Check Ecodiver certification formalities completed. PADI Project Aware Specialty Course certification formalities completed.

Price: 11,900 THB

Materials Included:

  • Free use dive equipment
  • EMP diver Kit
  • Project Aware Manual (Digital Version)
  • EMP Diver Certification
  • Project Aware Specialty Certification
  • Copy of Tropical Reef Fish and Invertebrates Books (Digital Versions)

Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certified or equivalent AND Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialist*

Note*: PPB training requirement will be assessed based on divers experience level.


Introduces divers to the world of coral reef monitoring and data recording. This 1-day program allows divers to experience the dynamics of reef monitoring and provides a foundation for the full EMP certification course.

Price: 1,800 THB