Why diving with Impian Divers?

Because we take our time to teach you diving.  And while doing this, we like to bring you to different dive sites here on Koh Tao to make nice, long dives. So yes, you get good value for your money.

We offer 2 educational systems: the well-known PADI courses and courses of a Dutch underwater federation called I.D.D. Both offer you worldwide recognised dive certificates but the I.D.D also include a 1-year free membership and worldwide liability insurance. So a bit more professional.

Our dive equipment is in excellent condition, which will give you more comfort and confidence while out diving. Also, our scuba cylinders and filling station are properly maintained and annually serviced by certified technicians.


Included with all diving courses are:

  • Multi-lingual professional dive leaders
  • AIG Dive insurance
  • Free use of complete equipment incl. lead/tank
  • Books and certification for all diving courses (except for the PADI dive master course)
  • Free accommodation during the open water, advanced and rescue diving course
  • Free drinking water, tea, coffee, cookies on the boat
  • 10% discount when diving with complete own equipment
Course duration PADI I.D.D
Introduction duik 1/2 day – 1 dive n/a 1,500.-
1/2 day – 2 dives n/a 2,200.-
Scuba diver – 12m 2 days 8,800.- 7,800.-
Open Water diver – 18m 3 days 10,000.- 9,000.-
1 Advanced dive 1/2 day 1,500.- 1,500.-
Advanced Open Water diver 2 days 10,000.-
3 days 12,000.- 9,000.-
Emergency 1st Response 1 day n/a- 3,500.-
Rescue diver 3 days 10,000.- 9,500.-
Divemaster 3-6 weeks 30,000.- 27,000.-
I.D.D Instructor 10 days 50.000.-
Oxygen Provider n/a 3,000.-
Peak Performance Buoyancy 2 dives 6,000.- 5,000.-
Deep Diver 3 dives 7,500 6,000.-
Nitrox (Enriched Air) 2 dives 8,000.- 6,000.-
Wreck Diver 4 dives 7,500.- 6,000.-
Combi Deep / Nitrox / Wreck 6 dives 21,000.- 15,000.-

All prices in Thai Bath