Be a SAFE diver, Stay Healthy

Decompression illness is rare, but can be very expensive to treat.

Dehydration is one of the main factors for de-compression sickness. To help you as much as possible to prevent it, we encourage you to drink at least 3-4 liters of water, while diving in the tropics and eat salty food.

Prevention is the best medicine and a good dive-insurance is part of being preventive. Impian Divers strongly recommend certified divers to take an insurance from the excellent Divers Alert Network, which offers a worldwide diving insurance, which includes travel assist!

Impian Divers itself has an AIG Thailand dive insurance cover for dive related injuries for the non-insured diver starting from 6,000 Thai baht with a maximum of 200,000 Thai baht per case. So, the first 6,000 Thai baht are at own costs

Your Safety at the Surface
We are also concerned about safety at the surface. Therefore we encourage the use of Safety Marker Buoy when diving from boats.

Please contact us if you need additional information.