Functional and very well maintained is the best way to describe “Saiphun”. 
We named her Saiphun as it means ‘rain’ in Thai language.

Navigated by our experienced captain Pee, who worked on a Thai fishing vessel before in Indonesian waters.

Though considered small for Koh Tao standards, it still easily fits 25 divers.
The amount of customers on-board is limited to 20, to ensure our small shop identity.

It’s a private owned vessel by Impian dive center, which means we don’t have to share it with other dive centers.

Also, the dive team can decide when and where to go, which give them lots of flexibility to ensure you have a great dive time with us.

The boat is officially registered with the Thai Marine office for transporting divers and equipped with everything a diver might need:

  • Marine Toilet
  • Sun protected area, enough seats
  • Coffee/tea/cookies and drinking water on board
  • O2 cylinder and 1st aid kit (serviced and maintained)
  • Life jackets and safety buoys
  • 3-phase Coltri compressor
  • GPS, marine radio, marine compass
  • 2min walk reachable from the dive center.