We use 2 training agencies to learn you how to dive (I.D.D Netherlands and PADI)  Both are worldwide recognised, while I.D.D the more official one because of the dive insurance included during your training with I.D.D.  I.D.D. is the equivalent of BSAC from the United Kingdom

You will make 5 training dives to learn how to better understand the underwater environment and to become a more experienced, and more comfortable diver.

What do you need to start? An ‘entry’ level certification from any dive organisation. Minimum age: 12 years


How long will it take? 2.5 day

What will you do?

During an Advanced Open Water from the Dutch underwater federation I.D.D. you must make these 5 training dives:

  • 2 deep dives (32m);
  • 1 underwater navigation dive and a  2nd one which will be combined with the 2nd deep dive
  • 2 buoyancy control dives.

So a very practical application of training dives and completely focused on the most important dive skills to master.

One of the 2 deep dives can be done one the the H.M.S Sattakut ship wreck.

During a PADI Advanced Open Water you only have to do: 1 deep dive (30m), and 1 under water navigation dive. For the other 3 remaining dives you can freely choose of the following:

  • AWARE FISH ID — Saw a non-identified fish? Cool, now give it your name!
  • COMPUTER/MULTI-LEVEL DIVE –learn how to extend your precious dive time with a dive computer
  • NIGHT DIVE–dive with the feeling being on the moon or beyond (weather depending)
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY — let your lungs make the difference and save the reefs
  • SEARCH  & RECOVERY DIVE — you wanna get back that precious hair strap?
  • U/W PHOTOGRAPHER — really, the only way to bring something back home !
  • WRECK DIVER – visit with the H.M.S Sattakut.  Beautifully put down by Royal Thai Navy for us to play with


If the Advanced course is one step too much, perhaps this could be an option.

The Adventure diver program allows you to mix and match any dives you like.

If you complete any three adventure dives, you can earn your Adventure Diver certification. Maybe you like Photography, or you want to experience a bit of Nitrogen Narcosis on your first Deep dive, the choice is all yours.  As this  course could only take as little as 1 day, time really can’t be any excuse!


  • use of diving equipment during the course
  • I.D.D or AIG Thailand dive insurance (PADI course)

The course fee includes:
all materials, all instruction, all equipment rental and certification.

Duration: 2.5 days
Price:      11,000 Thai Baht for PADI   // 10,000 Thai baht for I.D.D

It’s also possible to do only 1  dive from the advanced course, which we call an Adventure Dive which gives limited credit towards the Advanced Open Water course. So you could do it step by step.

Price        2,000 Thai Baht per dive PADI, but PADI wants you buy the manual as well (plus 2,000 Thai baht)
Price:      2,000 Thai Baht per dive I.D.D.