Dutch Dive Center Koh Tao

Who Dutch Dive Center Koh Tao

Experience the day of your life “under water” with the Dutch diving school of Koh Tao ! Are you on holiday on Koh Tao Thailand, come and spend a day diving or snorkeling with our dive center. An adventure to remember. With our boat we sail daily to the most beautiful areas of Koh Tao. You are very welcome on board with us.

Just a 2 minute walk from the arrival pier you can find us in Mae Haad, where we have a full-service dive center.

Impian Divers is a Dutch scuba dive center with multilingual diving staff and with The Diving Dutchman as a sister company. Both companies are officially registered with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Tourist Authorization Thailand (TAT) and the Thai Navy Inspection for possession of a boat for diving activities.

If you are on holiday on Koh Tao Thailand, come and spend a day diving or snorkeling with our dive center. An adventure to remember. A day of diving with us from the boat is already possible for 1,600 baht per person for two dives or snorkeling for 500 baht.

We value great importance to the personal relationship with our customers, with high safety standards without taking away the holiday feeling. We mainly focus on Dutch-speaking divers, but other nationalities are of course more than welcome!
We teach in English, Dutch, French, German and Thai.

Whether you have learned to dive through PADI, SSI, I.D.D or any other dive organization, you can always continue your diving training with us and you can always dive with us.

What does this mean for you as a diver/customer/student

Our dive center has two daily trips to go diving and snorkeling at the most beautiful dive sites around Koh Tao. Snorkeling is usually only possible in the afternoon. Our dive center also has the best possible lesson presentations, the very latest diving equipment for the most comfort while diving, multilingual Dutch dive instructors for a fantastic teaching experience with years of experience when it comes to training and training both new divers and existing divers.

Retail shops that stocks the very latest diving equipment from Aqualung, Mares and Seacsub are just around the corner.

What makes diving or snorkeling with us extra attractive for you as a customer?

  • Your dive trip/snorkeling trip is fully taken care of by us with coffee, tea, water, tropical fruit and light lunch if you stay away for a whole day
  • You will receive lessons/guidance in your own language, whether this is Dutch, English, German, French or. 
  • You will dive with our very well-maintained diving equipment, including a dive computer.
  • No extra costs or hidden items, everything is included in our price, even the mandatory dive insurance (legislation in Thailand)

Extra safety on board and under water

  • We always dive with an SMB
  • Oxygen/first aid trained staff on board.

Is there anything to see while diving and snorkeling Koh Tao?

  • Around Koh Tao, fishing is not allowed, and you will be shocked by the amounts of fish you will see underwater
  • At the same time, you can enjoy an amazingly beautiful view of the coast of Koh Tao.
  • So you will dive or snorkel at the most beautiful dive sites of Koh Tao.
  • You have to think of barracuda, grouper, angel and butterfly fish, sometimes a turtle and sometimes a whale shark and so on. 
  • Check out our amazing photos of marine life on Koh Tao

In addition to a nice dive shop, we have our own boat, this to guarantee the unique identity of the diving school

Dive shop philosophy

We keep the diving school deliberately small, and we don’t want to work with freelancers.
Reasons is that freelancer staff are not in possession of a work permit, less involved in the diving school and often not insured.

However, this policy does mean that it will be ‘full’ more quickly compared to other diving schools.
Once each dive staff members is active with his or her group, we don’t want to accept anyone for participating in diving activities.

That does not mean that the dive shop is full, but there is no more staff members available.


Since the beginning Impian Divers is :

  • Twice voted as dive center of the month by a reputable Dutch scuba dive magazine “Duiken”
  • Good reviews on:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Trip Advisor
  • PADI Excellence Award
  • Article in PADI Underwater Sea Journal.
  • Recommend in these travel guides:
    • Moon Travel Thailand
    • Dominicus Travel guide Thailand
  • 2014 5 star IDC center
  • 2017 Status “I.D.D/I.A.D.S Dive Academy South East Asia