Marine Conservation

Our Marine Conservation Projects

Since the start in 2006, we have been involved in various marine conservation projects. Obviously that we are committed to nature, in which we are allowed to work daily. Nothing special because that’s just part of our job.

From the beginning we conducted almost daily reef cleans in Sai Daeng bay, followed by reef clean in Aow Leuk bay. Later we got involved with the building of the first artificial reef on Koh Tao, called Hin Fai. Fai means electricity and the structure was connected to a low electric current source, so that recently broken corals can grow faster. Our final underwater project was constructing a coral nursery, just around the corner of Three Rocks. Not only we took care of the construction later on, but we also conducted there the Environmental Monitor Program (EMP). During an EMP survey we monitor the state of a coral reef and its inhabitants. The information was sent to the university of Hat Yai where they collected and examined the given information.

Unfortunately, the Department of Marine & Coastal Resources has introduced significant restrictions on the execution of these types of marine conservation projects. As a result, we are no longer allowed to set up artificial reefs, but we can keep reefs clean of fishing nets and continue to assess coral reefs and fish stocks. In addition, activities such as certain beaches release plastic after a severe tropical storm.

Our marine conservation projects since 2006

  • 2006 – 2008
    • daily beach & reef cleaning Sai Daeng bay
    • weekly: reef clean AOW Leuk bay
  • 2008
    • Financial participation in construction Koh Tao 1st bio rock: Hin Fai
    • Participation in 1st (and last) joint reef clean of Koh Tao
  • 2009 -2012
    • daily beach clean Mae Haad & weekly reef clean Sai Nuang
  • 2012 Environmental Monitor Program training & start implementation
  • 2013
    • Supporting member Green Fins Thailand
    • Permission for construction & maintenance Sai Nuang Coral Nursery: “Impian Reef”
    • EMP research & maintenance coral nursery “Impian Reef”
  • 2018
    • Donation of +100m cable rope for construction of buoys to Marine Conservation Koh Tao
    • Member Upcycling The Thai Oceans
    • Dive Staff Trained by Department of Coastal & Marine Resources as being Enviromental Dive Control leaders
  • 2010-2019
    • Earth Day clean up participation (Mae Haad village & Sai Nuang reef)

Our on-going marine conservation activities:

  • Special tanks in the dive shop and boat for waste & toilet water
  • Collecting compressor liquid collection, to prevent discharge directly into the sea
  • Separation of plastic & batteries for recycling (goes to mainland)
  • Up cycling The Thai Oceans dives
    • divers get hip bags for litter
  • Free drinking water in the diving school & on the boat to avoid buying plastic bottles
  • Environmental Specialty Diver courses
  • Safe a Tree procedure:
    • digital registration &  digital quizzes & exams
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