Instructors Training course

Start your IDC

Do your instructor training course, also called IDC. Make your dream come true and become part of a vibrant industry in amazing tropical locations.

There are just a few careers which are more fulfilling than teaching scuba diving.

Great weather and a diverse marine environment makes Koh Tao the world’s best location for anyone aspiring to become a scuba dive instructor.

Our IDC aims to train you being professional oriented dive master into to a professional scuba dive instructor.

Instructors Training course candidates Impian Divers

The instructors training course is a 10-day program. followed by a 2-day I.D.D Instructor Exam. After completion you will get qualified as:

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Medical Trained Instructor
  • Oxygen Provider Instructor
  • AED user Instructor


  • Optional free preparation course
  • Free fun diving
  • Work placement to gain experience


Impian Divers organises I.D.D Instructor Trainings Courses on request only.

The Course Director has over 25 years of teaching experience in the dive industry coupled with 14 years of teaching experience in other working areas. This making your instructors training course didactically one of the best on Koh Tao.

Training philosophy

Thorough instructor training is necessary in order to be fully prepared to teach in real diving situation. After all, you are on your own when teaching your scuba diving courses.

Instructors Training course pratical application


  • Modular education system
    • classroom / confined & open water presentation
  • Dive skills demonstrations
  • Positioning
  • Attitude instructors
  • Marketing
  • Continued Education
  • Dive accident statistics and analysis (DOSA)
  • Environmental aspects
  • Legal Management
  • Standard & Procedures
Instructors Training course  coral nursey workshop Impian Divers Koh Tao


  • 18 years or older
  • Medical Trained or equivalent;
  • I.D.D or DAN Oxygen Provider;
  • Minimum 80 logged dives (excluding training dives)
  • Medical Statement (Fit to Dive)
  • Signed Disclaimer of Liability
  • Diving experience
  • Good theoretical knowledge
  • Correct professional attitude
Instructors Training Course classroom presentation

Final Exam

As long as you do your best and well prepared then we are convinced that you will complete the course successfully.  The so-called “Pass Guarantee” of other centers is ridiculous, which basically means that they are just teaching you to pass the final exam.

The Instructor Final Exam (IFE) takes 2 .5 day.

During, an I.D.D examiner will evaluate your knowledge on the following topics :

  • Instructors Training Course
  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Advanced Diver Course
  • Rescue Diver Course
  • Dive master and Assistant Instructor Course
  • Standards and Procedures
  • First Aid and Resuscitation
  • Professional attitude and the right philosophy

Not Included

I.D.D-Instructor application fees: 4,000 THB


  • Workbook ITC
  • Digital I.D.D Instructor manuals
  • Digital I.D.D Standards & Procedures 2021
  • All teaching materials for:
    • Open Water
    • Advanced
    • Rescue
    • DM
    • Medical
    • O2
    • AED

If you cross-over from another training organization you will need to purchase the IDD dive master training slates: 2,000 THB.


With our internship program you could start with team-teaching.

Help our team instructors to train students in shallow water and open water dives to gain self-confidence with real-time teaching scuba divers.

Specialty courses are very popular with our customers, so you can follow a number of these Specialty courses yourself while assisting.

Instructors Training course specialty work shop Impian Divers Koh Tao