Sidemount Diver Specialty

Side mount Diver

During Sidemount diver specialty you learn how to place and manipulate the cylinders under your arms, rather than on the back.

This maximizes streamlining in the water, reduces lower back strain and benefits from increased gas supply for longer or deeper dives.

Side mount Diver configuration was designed for single cylinder cave diving, making them easier to transport in situations where divers need to carry gear through rough terrain to the water’s edge.

Side mount diving can be used in a variety of environments and offers excellent benefits to divers with limited mobility who prefer side mounting to rear-mounted cylinders.

Combine with other specialties

It is recommended to first follow the Buoyancy specialty. This course itself is very suitable to combine with the Nitrox and Full Face mask specialties!

Pros of side mount diving

  1. Improve streamlining and body position
  2. Easy access to the 1st stage(s) and tank valve(s)
  3. Backrest – where tank(s) hang from the sides.
  4. Greater air supply, therefor longer dive time especially when using enriched air.
  5. Redundant system by switching to the 2nd tank.
Sidemount diver specialty course Impian Divers Koh Tao

What do you need to start?

  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Advanced Open Water brevet
  • Valid medical statement (see below for download)
  • Signed Disclaimer
    • (signed by parents or guardian for minors).


  • Theory modules
  • Setting up
  • Maintenance
  • Planning of the 4 open water dives

Program sidemount diver specialty

Day 1
09:00 Orientation / theory / dive planning
13:00 setting up & confined water session
Day 2
13:00 – 17:00 dive #1 & #2
Day 3
07:00 – 11:30 dive #3 and #4


  • Digital manual & license
  • Use our dive equipment including:
    • dive computer / compass