Staff Instructor and beyond

Continue your dive career

Once an instructor has completed a course, better first start teaching to gain more experience and to find your own way of teaching.

Don’t go on with the so-called Go-Pro courses here on Koh Tao, where they prepare you in no time to become a staff instructor, without having taught one diving course yourself.

As a result, you simply miss the necessary ‘dive-hard’ experience of independently providing diving training under all kinds of circumstances.

However, over time, more serious instructors seek a little more variety, by going on to follow up on instructor training.

This is often out of pure interest, but after further training as a specialty instructor rating also gives more chance of work opportunities and gives more variety in your work!

Impian Divers can offer you all the necessary follow-up courses for instructors.  The1st  step is Specialty Instructor. 

Staff instructor course

Specialty Instructor

You can choose from a wide range of I.D.D. / I.A.D.S specialty courses for instructors:

  • AED-; Oxygen Provider; & Medical Trained instructor
  • Boat Diver instructor
  • Buoyancy instructor
  • Deep Diver instructor
  • DPV instructor
  • Drift Diver instructor
  • Environmental Diver instructor
  • Enriched Air instructor
  • Equipment Specialist instructor
  • Full Face mask instructor
  • Multi-Level Diver instructor
  • Night Diver instructor
  • Search & Recovery Diver instructor
  • Underwater Navigator instructor
  • Wreck Diver instructor

Once you have 5 specialties and having certified 10 specialty divers students under direct supervision of our course director you can apply for the Master Diver Instructor certification.



A staff instructor may assist during and ITC and the final exam. As an I.D.D. Staff Instructor, you become a member of the I.D.D. staff body (review committee), which is involved in determining procedures and methodologies.

In order to remain in active status, the I.D.D. Staff Instructor must act as an I.D.D. Staff Instructor at least once every two years.

The training starts one day before the Instructor Training Course (ITC). During this day your starting level will be tested by:

  • Staff Instructor Final Exam;
  • Skill circuit;
  • Classroom presentation (micro-teaching)
  • Confined presentation (2 skills)
  • Rescue skills

As a Staff Instructor in training, you will assist, guide and evaluate instructor candidates during one Instructor Training Courses (ITCs).

Furthermore, you will under the direct supervision of the I.D.D Course Director learn how to:

  • evaluate & guide instructor candidates
  • prepare lessons, give briefings and debriefs
  • evaluate ITC candidates on all exam parts except the theoretical exams.