Fun Diving

Fun Diving on Koh Tao

Every certified diver, from any diving organization, is welcome with us for a fun dive on Koh Tao. We always do fun diving in groups of maximum 4:1, from our own boat with filling station on board. Maximum dive time is 1 hour or 50 bar or 50 bar from your buddy.

Our dedicated divemasters are experienced with the local dive sites and are on hand for additional assistance if required. Diving with a dive leader is mandatory on Koh Tao. For logistical reasons, a dive master can sometimes dive a little deeper (or shallower). However, we expect all divers to stay within the depth allowed for their scuba certification.

We also expect that you as a certified diver you have good diving insurance. If this is not the case, take a look at our insurance conditions or additional DAN Asia Pacific insurance policies:

Dive Insurance
fun duiken Koh Tao
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Our conditions

To make fun dives you will have to be able to demonstrate that you are in possession of a diving certificate, from any diving organization. In addition to a diving certificate and mastering good diving techniques, we also expect that all guidelines from our dive leaders and boat master are accepted.

If you haven’t dived for a while, we recommend our Scuba Review program to start diving comfortably again.

We would also prefer if firstly start diving with us in the afternoon. Since we then have a little more time to get to know each other and to properly balance, this to protect the reefs.

Required information

  • Proof of Dive Training(diving certificate and logbook)
  • Passport number
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit-to-Dive)
  • Deposit 1,000 Thai BahtWe need to to know if everyone who comes to dive with us is fit for diving. With a possible ‘yes’ answer, a visit to the doctor will be necessary, which here on Koh Tao is only 200 Thai baht (see attachment)
Fun Diving Koh Tao

Locations Fun Diving

We like every dive site on Koh Tao, as long as there are not too many divers at the same time. That is why we regularly sail to other places, or leave a little later to avoid those crowds.

We usually have 2 trips per day: in the morning with a departure at 7:00 am and a 2nd trip around 12:00 pm. To preserve reefs and get acquainted, we ask everyone who comes to dive with us for the 1st time to make an afternoon dive firstly. Then we get to know each other for a while and we have more time for proper weighting.

Whale shark?

Those fish swim freely in the Gulf of Thailand, from north to south, so not stationary here on Koh Tao. Some guarantee a whale shark, but that’s really a sales pitch. Sometimes the whale sharks visit the archipelago, and then you just have to be lucky to be at the right dive site.

Dive Sites

Diving on Koh Tao is suitable for every diver with or without experience. The island is surrounded by beautiful, tropical water, rich in fish life, but sometimes visibility is less, given the shallow depth of the Gulf of Thailand. However, with over 20 great dive sites, it offers something for everyone from newly certified divers to the most experienced divers. Below is an overview of the most beautiful diving locations on Koh Tao:

Dive Locations

Prices Fun Diving

  • 1-5 dives:  900 THB per dive
  • 6+ dives: 800 THB per dive
  • Chumpon Pinnacle of South West pinnacle trip:
    • given the distance a fixed price of 1,600 THB
    • 2e dive is somewhere around Koh Tao
  • Night Dive: 1,500 THB (includes use of 2 torches)
    • minimum 2 divers & good weather conditions
  • Sailrock: 2,500 THB
    • minimum 8 divers & good weather conditions
    • fixed price

Prices are included use of our dive equipment & dive leader

    • Nitroxon on request : 100 THB per cylinder