Snorkeling Course

Snorkeling Course

Snorkeling in tropical waters is rightly a dream for many. When enough participants we regularly organize 2 type of snorkel trips under direct professional guidance:

  • 2 locations (shallow bays) – 500 baht p/p
    • min 2 persons – afternoon trip
  • around island – 850 baht p/p
    • min 4 persons – half day trip

Included professional guide; passenger insurance; use of quality snorkel material, drinking water, tea/coffee. Around island trip includes also a Thai lunch box or a sandwich.

Often swimmers and snorkelers underestimated that without realizing it they are swimming in open water, which is anything deeper than 5m and exposed to natural elements such as currents and wind. Not to forget other boats that move around. This can be unsafe, especially when there is no direct professional supervision.

Safety First

Impian Divers has an officially recognized I.D.D snorkel diver program in house, which is taught by our divemaster and dive instructors.

A quality training in order to look safely at the Koh Tao corals and fish, and later on at worldwide destinations !

Ideal for those who are too young to start a diving course or want to do something while others follow a diving course with us.

A snorkeling course will greatly boost your confidence, and you may want more afterward. You could register for an introduction dive or even for the open water diving course!

You will learn all about:

  • Snorkel Environment
  • Proper snorkeling equipment
  • Snorkeling exercises
  • Pressure differences
  • Hypothermia and sunburn
  • Hyperventilation and overexertion
  • Special equipment:
    • First aid for snorkel diving
  • Planning a snorkel dive
  • Training skills in shallow water
  • 1 snorkel dive in open water.
Snorkeling Course


  • Minimum age 6 years
  • Has a swimming diploma or demonstrable good swimming skills
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit to Dive)
    • Signed Disclaimer of Liability (signed by parents or guardian for minors)


09:00 Orientation / theory  / dive planning / final exam
11:00 Lunch break
12:00 Boat departure
13:00 Swim and snorkel techniques in shallow water
16:00 Snorkel dive in open water


  • Snorkeling Course manual & license* (license option)
  • Snorkel diving insurance
  • Use snorkeling equipment:
    • snorkel mask
    • fins / wet suit


  • Digital snorkel license and manual
  • Insurance included during training
  • 2 snorkel spots
  • Free use of our proper snorkel equipment
    • fins, maskel/snorkel, wet suit
    • life jacket