Where is the best place to dive in the Gulf of Thailand?


Diving on Koh Tao

Koh Tao and is a small paradise island isolated in the gulf of Thailand and forms a small archipelago with Koh Nang Yuan. Located on the east side of the Surat Thani coastline with two neighboring islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Koh Tao means ‘Turtle Island’ for the island’s connection to sea turtle habitation. Though less numerous than in the past, today you can still find green and hawksbill turtles in some areas, such as Thian Og Bay. It is also said that the shape of the island resembles a turtle when viewed from Koh Phangan.

The island’s natural beauty, both above and below water, brings thousands of visitors every year for an unforgettable vacation. The mostly steep, rocky coastline consists of 11 coves with beautiful coral reefs and abundant marine life in mostly clear, but warm water.

This, combined with the relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle, has attracted people and the thriving diving industry for over 40 years and is one of the leading centers for diving education in the world.


Why dive with us on Koh Tao?

Come diving in Koh Tao at one of the at least 20 dive sites we have, most of which are within a 40 minute boat ride, and some only 20 minutes away. That is the reason that we can sail 2 times a day.

Small groups of maximum 4 divers per dive leader, and dive times of 1 hour or 50 bar allowed.

And whether you learned to dive through I.D.D., PADI, SSI, or another dive organization, you can always continue your dive training with us and you can always dive with us.

Morning trip

We usually visit to the deeper dive sites such as the H.M.S Sattakut wreck; Chumpon, South West or Hin Wong pinnacle. Followed by a 2nd dive around Nang Yuan, White Rock or Light House.

Afternoon trip

Then we visit the shallower sites such as Aow fun; Mango Bay and again around Nang Yuan Island. The afternoon dives are also ideal for those who want to swim, snorkel or free dive.

Night dive

Night diving is subject to a minimum occupancy of 2 divers and the weather.

Duiken in Koh Tao met Impian Divers Nederlandse duikschool


Overview of the most popular Koh Tao dive sites


Dive Site : Aow Leuk baai

Aow Leuk
Location: opposite Shark Island
Min. 5 m / max 16 m.
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

Aow Leuk is a sheltered bay with stunning views and is home to many juvenile marine life. We often see young Blacktip reef sharks here.

Sheltered from high winds, this shallow dive site has a sandy bottom that is home to garden nematodes, scorpion and butterfly fish, sergeant majors and schools of yellow-tailed barracuda.

We regularly do shallow exercises of the open water course, as well as the navigation dive of the advanced open water.

Hin Nagm is often the 2nd open water dive after visiting South-West Pinnacle or Shark Island


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Chumpon-1.png

Chumpon Pinnacle
Location: Ongeveer 5 km ten noordwesten van Nang Yuan
Min. 14 m / max 40 m. Recommended level: advanced divers.

This dive site is mostly for advanced divers, but is accessible in calm weather during the last open water training dives. Majestic views, breathtaking rock formations and rich in marine life, with a 50% chance of sighting whale sharks: yes or no..

Fixed trip price of 1,600 Thai baht.
2nd dive usually around Koh Nang Yuan island or White Rock


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Green-Rock-1.jpg

Green Rock
Location: Ten noordwesten van Koh Nang Yuan
Min. 12 m / max. 30 m. Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

A spectacular dive site with adventurous swims through large arches, caves, caves and fissures that cut through the submerged bouldering rocks.

Home to the yellow margin triggerfish, divers may encounter a ‘trigger attack’ during spawning season as they become very territorial and protective over their nests, making for an interesting dive.


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Hin-Wong-Pinnacle.jpg

Hin Wong Pinnacle

Location: Oostkust van Koh Tao.
Min.12 m / max. 26 m.
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

The less-visited dive sites of the east coast offer a different variety of marine life on the west coast of Koh Tao. These pinnacles at a depth of 26 m offer blue soft sponge corals, colorful sea fans and sea whips.

2nd dive usually Light house or around Koh Nang Yuan island


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Mango-Bay.png

Mango Bay

Location: Ten noorden van Koh Tao
Min. 5 m /max16 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

A breeding ground for all small fish, Mango Bay (Aow Muang) has reefs on the east and west coasts of the bay along with coral boulders in between providing a natural ‘coral garden’ as we know it today.

This bay is also perfect for snorkelers and novice divers to gradually transition from shallow sandy bottoms to deeper depths with rocky contours.


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Japanese-Gardens-2.jpg

Japanse tuinen

Location: Ten oosten van Koh Nang Yuan
Min. 6 m / Max. 16 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

Located on the east side of Koh Nang Yuan, Japanese Gardens is separated by one of the world’s only sandbars connecting three small beaches of land.

Superb snorkelling and great conditions for novice divers, this dive site offers sandy bottoms to prepare divers to adjust their buoyancy before heading to the reef areas. The reef dive itself is beautiful, with lots of juvenile fish. Sometimes we see the black and white striped sea snake here.


Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Twins.jpg

Twin Peaks & Drijfvermogen Rif

Location: Western Side of Koh Nang YuanDepth:
Min. 10 m / maximaal 18 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

Spread over the three pinnacles. Between two of the shallow pinnacles (12 – 14 m) you will find the Clarks clownfish family protected by a ring of shells.

North of the midpoint is Buoyancy World, an ‘alternative’ dive site to reduce the number of divers at Twins. Here are man-made structures built from materials that will attract fish life and coral development, and for novice divers to improve their diving skills.


Sattakut Wrak

Location: 30 m van Hin Pee Wee
Min. 18 m / max. 32 m
Recommended level: advanced divers.

The shipwreck of htms Sattakut (LCI: Landing Craft Infantry 724) has become a favorite dive site for visitors to Koh Tao. This former World War II naval vessel that is 48m long along the seabed was scuttled on June 18, 2011 to create a new artificial reef.

The keel or base of the wreck sits in the sand at a maximum depth of between 27 and 30 meters while the top of the mast reaches a depth of 18 meters – making this dive best suited for Advanced Open Water divers. Located 30 m  from Hin Pee Wee, it offers a n extra dive site with abundant marine life nearby. Here you will find large schools of fusiliers, juvenile yellowtail barracudas, various snappers, wrasse and groupers.


Shark Island

Location: 1 km van de zuidelijke punt van Koh Tao
Min. 15 m / Max. 28 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

Shark Island is named not for its carnivorous marine life, but for the island’s resemblance to a shark fin from certain angles.

Occasionally, currents bring in nutrient-rich water that encourages an abundance of marine life. Groupers, turtles and schools of butterflyfish inhabit the shallower depths.


South West Pinnacle

Location: Ongeveer 7 km ten zuidwesten van Koh Tao
Min. 15 m / Max. 28 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

A row of pinnacles with wall dives and fantastically varied marine life such as snapper, trevally and barracuda. The shallower points are covered with gardens of sea anemones and the deeper gullies are filled with healthy gorgonians and whip corals.

One of our favorite dive sites. Visited a bit less often compared to Chumpon Pinnacle.

Fixed trip price of 1,600 Thai baht.
2nd dive usually White Rock


White Rock

Location: west side of Koh Tao
Min 14 m / Max. 28 m
Recommended level: beginners & advanced divers.

White Rock is one of Koh Tao’s most popular dive sites for both day and night dives.

The rock structures are a series of elevated shelves that are home to honeycomb groupers, long-turning black sea urchins and various sea anemones, along with the soft coral mixed with button and pore corals and the colorful Christmas tree worms.

If you like underwater photography, this dive site provides the composition and marine life for great photos.