How do you learn to dive?

Learning to dive is not difficult and above all a lot of fun.

How do you learn to dive? Well, at a diving center . It is wise to choose a diving school that is affiliated with a reputable organization such as the IDD, SSI, BSAC, CMAS, NAUI or PADI.

Know that these organizations do not have diving schools of their own, but diving schools choose from one of the many training systems.

Take a look at the link below for information on how to know whether you are booking with a diving school or with a freelancer.

Diving centers
How do I learn to dive?
How do I learn to dive?

Diving is a fantastic underwater sport!

Diving is a fantastic and increasingly popular water sport. When diving you use diving equipment that includes a diving suit and a BC. A regulator and compressed air (the diving cylinder) enable you to breathe underwater. The weight belt ensures that you actually stay underwater. With the help of fins you can easily move through the water and thus see as much as possible.

Diving has plenty to offer for recreational holidaymakers as well as real adventurers. There is often a lot to see at a depth of a few meters. The time you can spend underwater depends on the size of the tank, the depth to which you descend and your air consumption. On average, a dive lasts about 45 minutes.

What do I see when I learn to dive

Because you can stay underwater for a long time, you will encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna. Of course you can encounter many different fish species underwater. In addition to the smaller fish that you see just below the surface, you will also encounter larger fish when diving at greater depths.

But besides all these fish, there may be a lot more to see. Such as colorful coral reefs, sea turtles, beautiful rock formations, and anemone. What you get to see is of course dependent on the place where you are going to dive.

How do I learn to dive?

What are the requirements to learn to dive?

To be allowed to start a diving course, it is important that you are healthy and have demonstrable swimming skills. The minimum age to start varies per organization the diving school is affiliated with.

For example, you can already start the basic course from the age of 10.

Open water diver course

Everyone who starts diving will therefore have to complete the basic course. This basic course is called “open water” or sometimes “1 star diver”

This course consists of several modules: a theoretical part, a practical part in shallow water and 4 open water dives. A beginners diving course focuses on learning to handle and getting used to the diving equipment. In addition, mastering various basic techniques, such as breathing techniques, trimming, ascent and descent and diving signals (hand gestures).

A piece of diving physics and diving physiology is also covered.

Diving certificate

Na het succesvol afronden van de basiscursus krijg je je brevet “open water diver”. Je bent nu bevoegd om samen met een minimaal gelijkwaardige buddy te duiken in het open water (tot een bepaalde diepte en bij “normale omstandigheden”).

Een duikbrevet van een duikschool die aangesloten is bij de genoemde duikorganisaties wordt in principe wereldwijd geaccepteerd. Wel kan het zijn dat de beheerder van een duiklocatie ook vraagt om een bewijs van je duikervaring, zoals een logboek.

In principle, a diving license is valid for life. However, it is advisable to take a refresher course if it has been some time since you have made a dive. These courses can be followed at all diving schools.

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