Is diving in Thailand dangerous?

Diving is not dangerous Thailand, or wherever you go diving

Diving is not dangerous, not even in Thailand as long as you are properly trained by an accredited diving school and you continue to follow the basic rules. There are only 3:

Always keep breathing
Do not take off too fast (10 m/minute)
And stay with your buddy

Diving or learning to dive during your holiday is a great experience. You only have to watch out for diving sickness,  also called decompression sickness. This is caused by staying underwater for too long or ascending too quickly after a dive.

The main reason for this diver’s illness is dehydration.  Furthermore a poor physical condition and use of medication,  Finally, taking a plane too quick after your last dive. So everything is easily prevented by:

  • proper training
  • good dive planning
  • staying healthy and
  • no flying for 24 hours after your last dive
Is diving in Thailand dangerous?

How we keep diving safe

Firstly, Anyone who wants to dive with us must always complete a Fit-to-Dive statement with in some cases approval from a doctor. This applies to divers and non-divers such as snorkelers and free divers. This policy increases dramatically our safety records of diving.

Secondly, we never dive in groups of 4 per dive leader / instructor and we always ascent  with surface buoys (Safety Marker Buoy). Snorkelers receive in-water guidance and wear wet suits or life jackets.

Since the opening we have trained approximately 11 thousand divers so far. We regularly receive positive reactions regarding the good service, personal approach and the professionalism we offer.  All these divers experience  with our Dutch diving instructors the most beautiful underwater memories.

Do not dive if you are pregnant

During pregnancy, the mucous membranes swell making it difficult to clear (equalizing the pressure underwater and that in the inner ear).

There are also indications (by means of animal experiments) that diving can be harmful to the unborn fetus, although there is no doubtful proof, as this cannot simply be tested.

So our advice: better not!


Dus ons advies: beter niet!

Is diving in Thailand dangerous?
official diving school

Prejudices about diving

Misconception 1: Diving is dangerous

The beginners’ diving course consists of several parts. Before you start diving in open water, you have already spent 2 afternoons in shallow water (also called a confined session) doing exercises to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment and the underwater environment.

The diving equipment (Scuba) must also meet various requirements. Diving schools have many conditions that they have to meet with a view to safety and the quality standard.

Statistically, it’s more dangerous to go grocery shopping at the corner grocer. However: if you go diving with a freelancer in Thailand, because something like this is cheaper, you are almost certain that they cannot meet these conditions, since they have no company papers.

Misconception 2: The animals underwater are dangerous

Sharks are really very shy animals. If you move too fast, they’ll already be gone. However, sharks don’t eat people and divers don’t swim, we float calmly and therefore they don’t see us as a threat.

We must respect everything that lives under water, after all we are guests in this underwater world. Sometimes a little fish comes swimming after you because we enter their territory. Even sweet Nemo will respond and then really don’t say; “hello” but only trying to protect her own territory.

In addition, the oceans remain unknown territory for us. Even if you, like the owner of Impian Divers, have been diving here for 20 years, you will never know what you might encounter while diving. Which is of course the beauty of diving, but for maximum protection we require that everyone wears a wet suit when diving, despite the water temperature of about 29 degrees.

Is diving in Thailand dangerous?
Is diving in Thailand dangerous?

Misconception 3: I’m too young or too old to learn

No one is too young or too old to learn it. From the age of 10 you can start with the basic course, and as long as you are healthy, there are no age restrictions.

Diving is a passive activity and your heart rate needs to be as low as possible to be able to breathe longer from a tank. Average scuba gear weighs about the same on land as a backpack, nothing underwater! Here we are weightless. Diving is beautiful, fascinating and everyone should experience it.


Misconception 4: claustrophobic

It is possible that your field of vision is narrowed somewhat with wearing a mask. But because everything underwater is 3-D, diving becomes a very liberating experience. Give it a chance and come try it with us!

Our philosophy is that everyone who takes a diving training, diving lesson or makes fun dives at Impian Divers has the time to develop at his/her own pace. All this in a fun and relaxed way.

We even have full face masks available if it still remains an obstacle for you.

Is diving in Thailand dangerous?