When to Thailand for diving?

The best time to dive on Koh Tao

When to Thailand for diving is a frequently asked question. Logical if you have to fly 11,000 km.

Thailand has a tropical climate and it is around 26 -30 degrees all year round. The best time to travel is from December to June. There is little rain and there is a lot of sun, exactly what you want when you are on the beach!

During the months of July and August there is a bit more wind and normally November is the rainy month here on Koh Tao.

Koh Tao can be visited all year round, but sometimes there is a chance of a daily tropical shower. The advantage of this is that everything is in bloom and it is less warm!

However, for a diving course it doesn’t matter. We’ll get wet anyway!
There are dive sites all around Koh Tao, so we always find a sheltered spot for the shallow water exercises.

Visibility is sometimes less, but this can also occur in the dry season.

The Gulf of Thailand is relatively shallow, and because of the heat a lot of algae grow. A little wind (often around the moon change) and visibility is a bit less.

Email us about the weather. We don’t like nice weather talk ourselves and we will give you an honest answer. However, just like in the Netherlands: nothing remains as unpredictable as the weather.

We check the wind and rain on this  website

When to Thailand for diving?