Impian Divers

Impian Divers does everything within its power to guarantee quality and thus safety during all dive activities. Course orientations and explanation of risk conditions are always clearly explained by one of our dive staff.

In addition, courses will be adapted to individual needs, as sometimes more time is needed to make you feel more comfortable. An extra afternoon session in shallow water can be scheduled to give you more confidence and therefore more enjoyment of the course.

We have plenty of time, and won’t rush to get you through a course quickly. However, give us some time, and do not plan your visit too tightly.

How to recognize an official Koh Tao dive center

An official Koh Tao diving school is easily identified. Search their website for:

  • Tourist Authorization Thailand (TAT) registration number
    • This must be found at the bottom of their webpage (TAT 34/01190)
  • Fixed telephone line for Koh Tao. which starts with “077 … …”

Otherwise you are dealing with longterm tourists / freelance diving instructors. Acting as booking agents for commissions, despite not in possession of a booking agent license neither work permit for Thailand.

Legal aspects boat diving

A dive center without its own boat, captain, tanks & compressor and permanent dive staff is like a restaurant without its own kitchen, tables and a cook on call-off.

According to TAT Thailand, a dive center must own its own boat, or rent a boat for at least 6 months. Furthermore, a boat cannot be rented out to more than 2 dive centers either.

Training systems

There are many training systems, all of which offer a wide range of the same recreational & management diving courses. However, a training system does not own dive centers or resorts nor the related dive staff. Dive centers are private companies, who select a specific training system which suits them best.

Any training system, which is recognized by NEN & ISO standards, is valid worldwide.
Contrary to what some diving school managers still seem to claim: all are internationally recognized, just like a driving license

Dive Insurance

Only a few training systems such as IDD / IADS offer inclusive worldwide diving insurance during and after training.

Our preference

The quality of the diving courses, which are associated with the growing name of IDD & IADS Netherlands, is one of the reasons why we started working with them in 2015.

The standards & procedures of IDD & IADS are the same worldwide. This in contrast to PADI, who works with regional franchisers and agents, and regularly applies different standards at random.

Insurance technical

As long as you follow all guidelines & procedures during a diving training, any student is insured up to 50,000 Euro for diving-related accidents, such as decompression illness while attanding an IDD & IADS training

Once course completed, a 1 calendar year free membership is included, offering a worldwide scuba related diving- and liability insurance.

No other Koh Tao diving organization offers this and as a student divers you will be insured through a Thai insurance policy, which covers up to 200,000 Thai baht (<5,000 Euro) expense allowances instead.

Our Dive Staff

Every Impian Divers staff member is an active IDD & IADS executive, and therefore professionally insured for liability through IDD & IADS Netherlands.

Again, caution is advised, as diving instructors from other training systems do not always need to have diving insurance to be able to teach diving in Southeast Asia.

Quality department I.D.D / I.A.D.S

The IDD quality department ensure, among other things, that all IDD executives (dive masters and instructors) are trained and remain within the IDD standards and procedures. This will create a guarantee for the courses worldwide.

The IDD website indicates which instructors and dive comply with this and who have an active status, necessary in order to be able to issuing official diving certificates.

Just send us an email if you need additional explanation