Wreck Diver Specialty

Wreck Diver Specialty allows you to start exploring sunken wrecks, something that attracts many divers. Full of marine life and tons of history, wreck diving has something to offer anyone interested in research and excitement.

Some were intentionally sunk, such as the HTMS Sattakut on Koh Tao, but most were lost due to accident or conflict. As a result, local regulations may impose certain restrictions on diving on a specific wreck.

The wreck diver specialty course develops not only practical skills and theoretical knowledge but also about legal regulations. The objective is that you can eventually plan, organize and execute no-decompression diving on shipwrecks.

Penetration dives are limited to within the light zone and within 32 m for an AOW diver or 40 m for the diver with a Deep 40 rating. Therefore we recommend you to combines this specialty with:.


  • Limitations of Wreck Diving.
  • Security Considerations and Procedures
  • Navigate on shipwrecks.
  • Mapping
  • Environmentally friendly diving techniques.
  • Use of penetration lines,
  • Sailor knots and coils.
  • 3 dives
Wreck Diver Specialty


  • Minimum age 15 year;
  • Advanced Diver;
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit to Dive)
  • Signed Disclaimer of Liability
    • (signed by parents or guardian for minors).


Day 1
13:00 Registration / Theory / Planning / equipment check

Day 2
07:00 Boot Departure
08:00 Wreck Orientation / Mapping
10:00 Penetration simulation techniques
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Discuss mapping / planning penetration dive
14:00 Final exam
15:00 Equipment preparation
(optional analyze your Nitrox cylinders)

Day 3
07:00 Boot Departure
08:00 Wreck penetration dive
10:30 Optional fun dive


  • Manual & license
  • Free use of :
    • dive equipment
    • dive computer
    • reels & torches
    • safety marker buoy
  • I.D.D Dive insurance

PRICE: 7,000 THB
Download Medical