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For a diving course in Thailand, Koh Tao remains one of the best places to take a diving course. Nice weather, nice warm water, a huge diversity of underwater life and beautiful coral gardens. In addition, diving here on Koh Tao is accessible for young and old and with probably the best prices worldwide.

In addition to the standard diving courses, we also offer a wide range of follow-up courses, including 3 great specialty packages. As an example, we have the deep 40-; wreck diver and the Nitrox specialty courses combined.

Other combinations are of course also possible. For example the Nitrox specialty can be combined with any other specialty, even with a standard diving course! Diving with a Full Face mask is also possible during several of our diving courses.

Our course offer overview

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Starters diving courses

The introduction dive is very popular for those who are short on time or who are not sure yet whether diving is for them. However, most people immediately opt for the open water diving certificate. The aim of this course is to learn the basic knowledge and skills of diving in order to be able to dive worldwide in “open water”.

The advanced and rescue diving courses aim to further expand the skills of your open water course. You do this by means of navigation techniques and planning deep and night dives. During a rescue diver course you will learn to avoid problems during diving.

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Vocational training

These are the Go Pro courses, a follow-up course as soon as you have completed a rescue diver diving course. Given the duration of these courses, these are internship courses. That is to say, for a longer period of time, daily diving with us. In addition, you will learn about logistics and the dive planning in diving school.

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Non diving courses

The first 3 courses are without scuba gear. During a Free Diver course you learn how to control your breathing reflexes. During a snorkeling course you learn to make good use of your fins and swimming techniques. A Snorkel Tour leader is a kind of lifeguard course, aimed at supervising and guiding swimmers and snorkelers. Finally, with an equipment specialty you learn more about the gear you are diving with.

Free Diver cursussnorkel diverSnorkel Tour Leider

Specialty courses

In addition to being challenging and insanely fun, this type of diving training offers you much more details about the specific dive activity of your interest. Therefore, your knowledge about diving only can increase. Furthermore, with some of these specialties you can visit at even more dive sites worldwide.

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