Open Water course – your 1st dive certification

Open water

฿ 9,000

10+ Age

2.5 - 3 days

Get your open water diving certification!

An open water course is accessible to young and old. Upon completion, you will receive an unlimited, worldwide diving license. Diving is basically watching fish underwater. Not really difficult and in fact very fun to get this first diving license.

Teaching from multi-lingual instructor

Learning to dive in Dutch takes less energy and we can go deeper into the material. Of course you will learn the necessary English diving terms with it, so that you do not have to go diving alone in ‘t Grevelingenmeer.


E-learning definitely possible! Please email us for more information or check out our E-learning page for more information. We offer open water course from the I.D.D; SSI and the PADI training system. You may of course choose for yourself, although our recommendation is the Dutch I.D.D training system because of their good insurance conditions during the course.

Duration of open water course

The pace is adjusted to individual need, should you need more time. This will make you more confident and enjoy the course.

The open water course takes a minimum of 2.5 days, so after completing the open water course, why not continue immediately with your advanced course? It lasts only 2 days, making it very easy to combine with your holdiday schedule.

Steps of an open water course

The course starts with a good explanation of the basic rules and explanation of the exercises, which you will go perform the same afternoon!

Then with our own boat to a beautiful bay for those 1st exercises in shallow water. You start at knee depth, then slowly go a little deeper. In the water, we always teach in small groups of up to 4 divers per dive instructor.

Number of open water dives

The 4 dives of the open water course are conducted in different locations whenever possible, weather conditions permitting. Beside it gives you more experience you will see more of this beautiful island.

  • E-book & diving certification
  • 1 calendar year I.D.D membership and dive insurance*.
    • * only at an I.D.D training course
  • log
  • Use complete diving equipment including use dive computer


Price Open Water course

I.D.D : 9,000 ฿.
SSI of PADI : 11,000 ฿


Day 1

08:45 fitting diving equipment, explanation of exercises and basic rules.
11:00 lunch break
12:00 departure boat
13:00 adjustment session and exercises in shallow water
15:00 dive 1 in open water (min 6m- max 12m)
17:00 feedback & access to e-learning

Day 2

11:30 explanation afternoon program and final exercises
12:00 departure boat
13:00 follow-up exercises
15:00 dive 2 (min 6 – max 12m)
17:00: feedback, complete logbook

Day 3:

07:00 Departure of boat
08:00 open water dive 3
10:00 open water dive 4
11:30 Final evaluation and diving certification!

Don’t plan your Koh Tao holiday too tightly, so that after getting your open water certification, you can still do some fun dives with us.

Because that’s the reason for getting open water certification or why not go straight to theadvanced course?

Continued options

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to dive is done at a diving school. It is wise to choose a diving school affiliated with a reputable organization such as the IDD, SSI, NOB, NAUI or PADI.

Know that these organizations themselves do not have diving schools, but diving schools themselves choose from one of the many training systems.

Diving is not dangerous, even in Thailand, as long as you are properly trained by a recognized diving school and you continue to follow the basic rules. There are only 3 of them:

  • Always keep breathing
  • Do not take off too fast (10 m / minute)
  • And stay with your buddy

Diving or learning to dive during your vacation is an awesome experience. However, one of the things you have to watch out for here is diver’s disease (also called caisson disease or decompression sickness). This is caused by if you stay underwater too long and/or if you ascend to the surface too quickly after a dive.

Main reason for this diver’s illness is dehydration, poor physical condition, medication use or flying too fast after your last dive. So everything is easily prevented by: eA good training, good preparation, good dive planning, staying healthy and not flying for 24 hours after your last dive.

Diving for kids is a dream, but can become extra fun if you can dive together with your kids or as your whole family.

Impian Divers Tao is happy to help make that dream come true. For families with young children as well as families with teenagers, we think about customized solutions.

How about a diving course tailored exclusively to your family? Learn together, dive together and get your diving license together.

When to Thailand to dive is a common question. Logical when you fly 11,000 km with.

Thailand has a tropical climate and it is about 26 -30 degrees all year round. The best travel time is from December through June. Then there is little rain and lots of sunshine, exactly what you want when you are at the beach!

During the months of July and August there is a bit more wind and normally November is the rainy month here on Koh Tao.

Koh Tao is fine to visit all year round, but sometimes there is a chance of a daily tropical shower. The advantage of this is that everything is in bloom nicely and it is a little less hot!

However, for a diving course, it doesn’t matter. Wet we will get anyway!
There are dive sites all around Koh Tao, so we always find a sheltered spot for the shallow water exercises.

Sometimes visibility is a little less, but this can also occur during the dry season.

This is because the Gulf of Thailand is relatively shallow, and because of the heat, algae grow in abundance . A little wind (often around the turn of the moon) and visibility will be a little less for a while.

Please email us about what the weather is like. We ourselves do not like nice weather talk and we will give you an honest answer. However, as in the Netherlands: nothing remains as unpredictable as the weather.

We check the wind and rain daily on this website

All costs clearly listed for you in this list.

All other training certificates are equivalent for the required training levels.
The course requirements and minimum ages are based on the I.D.D. standards & procedures 2022

Please email us for information on SSI or PADI course prices and ages:

We of course offer the IDD as e-learning, easy as preparation. Actuell the course in Dutch, English and German, is available. If you would like to sign up for an e-learning course, please let us know at

Upon arrival Koh Tao is just a short walk away! You can find us very easily on the main street of Mae Haad.
Impian Divers can be found 50m after the Seven/11 on the left. You can find a map on our contact page.

Impian Divers focuses mainly on the Dutch and Belgian divers, who want to visit Koh Tao.

However, we are as international as any other diving school here on the island, as we give diving lessons in English, French, German and Thai. In other words, should you travel with non-Dutchman(s), everyone is more than welcome with us.