Fun Dives

Certified diver?

Then come make your fun dives with us!
Every certified diver, from any diving organization, is welcome with us for fun dives.
Make sure you do have a proper diving insurance coverage as being a certified diver .

We always lead dives in small groups of maximum 4: 1, from our own boat.
Limited spaces on-board, to avoid factory style diving and clouds of divers jumping from the same boat.

Maximum dive time is 1 hour / 50 bar or 50 bar from your fun dive buddy.

We recommend that you also communicate with your dive buddy before diving.
Our dedicated dive masters are experienced with the local dive sites and are available for additional assistance if required.

A dive leader is mandatory on Koh Tao.
For logistical reasons, a dive master can sometimes dive a little deeper (or shallower).
However, we expect you to remain within the allowed depth of your diving license.


Besides mastering good diving techniques, all guidelines from our dive leaders and boat master have to be accepted and applied.
We prefer if you could start with an afternoon fun dive firstly.  Especially, if you had a late arrival on Koh Tao they day before or an early arrival with the night boat.
So we have a bit more time to get to know each other and to apply proper buoyancy control for the reef protection.

We strongly recommend our SCUBA REVIEW program for those being inactive for a while, or had a lesser experience the last time they dived.

Koh Tao dive sites

Diving on Koh Tao is suitable for every diver with or without experience.
Please do not expect Andaman and / or Egypt style diving.

The island is surrounded by beautiful tropical water, rich in fish life, but sometimes the visibility is a bit less given the depth of the Gulf of Thailand.
With more than 20 amazing dive sites, it offers something for everyone – from newly certified divers to the most experienced recreational divers and dive professionals.
From deeper lying advanced dive sites, a 30–40-minute boat ride from the harbor, to a cluster of shallow and sheltered sites around the unique Koh Nang Yuan.

We personally like every dive spot on Koh Tao, as long as there aren’t too many divers at the same time.

Here you can find an overview of Koh Tao best dive sites:

Dive Sites

Prerequisites for joining fun dives

  • Proof of dive training
    • (scuba dive license and /or logbook)
  • Passport number
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit to Dive medical certificate)
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Look no further and come make your fun dives with us at Impian Divers.
All fun dives are planned on different dive sites around Koh Tao, were you will get enough time to enjoy and observe the aquatic world.
Our boat waits at just 2min walking distance from our dive center

  • 100% O2, and 1st aid kit on board
  • Thai Marine registered vessel for scuba diving activities
  • Licensed boat captain
  • Boat insurance coverage for all passengers
  • Filling station on-board
  • Septic tanks for waste- and toilet water

We usually make 2 dive trips per day and on request we do a night dive.
Night dive (min 2 fun divers)  and Sail Rock (min 8  fun divers) are weather depending.
The normal schedule is as follows:

  • Morning trip departs at 7:00 am back at 11:30
  • Afternoon trip departure at 12:00 back at 17:00
  • Night diving departs at 6pm back at 8pm

Many specialties available!


  • 1 -5 fun dive: 900 THB
  • 6+ fun dives: 800 THB / per dive
  • night dive : 1,500 THB / incl use torches
  • Sail Rock trip : 2,500 THB / 2 fun dives / fixed price


  • dive leader and use of diving equipment.
  • Nitrox on request: extra 250 THB per fun dive