Advanced Open Water Course

Why not do your advanced course

With an advanced open water course you will more gain diving knowledge and dive experiences, which are both so important for your confidence as scuba diver.

With this advanced course you will refine and expand important diving skills with your instructor.

We also spend a separate module on independently planning & executing the deeper dives. Once completed, you will become a lot less dependent on dive masters.

Dive planning advanced open water course Impian Divers Koh Tao

E-learning possible! Email us for more information.

The following 5 training dives for an IDD Advanced Open Water are mandatory:

  • 2 buoyancy dives
  • 1 navigation compass dive
  • 2 deep dives to 32m

The following 2 training dives for an SSI or PADI Advanced Open Water are mandatory, the other 3 are elective dives:

  • 1 navigation compass dive
  • 1 deep dives to 30m

One of your 2 deep dives of advanced open water course can also be done on the shipwreck HMS Sattakut!
This shipwreck is located at a depth between 23 m and 32 m and is an ideal location for this!

H.M.S Sattakut ship wreck  Impian Divers Koh Tao

Wreck Specialty

The penetration dive # 4 of the Wreck Dive Specialty is also made on this wreck. You can register for it immediately after completing the Advanced Open Water course!

Our specialty combi packages

A “combi package” of three exciting IDD specialties has been put together for you, so that you can get the most out of your diving holiday:

  • Deep 40m
  • Nitrox
  • Wreck
  • Three specialties for only 15,000 Thai baht! BOOK NOW
specialty packages Impian Divers Koh Tao


Day 1
9:00 Buoyancy, navigation & deep diving theory
11:00 Lunch break
12:00 Departure boat
13:00 Buoyancy Dive # 1
15:00 Navigation Dive # 1

Navigation advanced oourse Impian Divers Koh Tao

Day 2
07:00: Departure boat
08:00 Deep dive to max 32m
10:30 2nd deep dive up to 24m with navigation module # 2
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Night diving theory
15:00 Deep, navigation & night diving exams
18:00 Night dive * (weather conditions dependent and personal choice)

Possibly an extra dive day 3 morning or afternoon dive *

Night dive advanced  course Impian Divers Koh Tao

10% discount when in combination with the open water course.


  • Minimum age 12 years (PADI) & (IDD) 14 years
  • Open Water Diver
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit to Dive)
  • Signed Disclaimer of Liability
    • (signed by parents or guardian for minors)

Duration advanced open water course

2 or 2.5 days (if night dive not possible)

Adventure diving

Want to make only 1 dive from the advanced? No problem, and this is called an Adventure Dive.

  • Standard Adventure Dive: 2,000 Thai Baht
  • Nitrox Adventure dive: 2,500 Thai baht
  • DPV Adventure dive: 3,000 Thai baht
    • Price for a PADI adventure dive is plus 2,500 Thai baht extra. PADI requires the purchase of an AOW manual.


  • E-manual & license
  • Use of diving equipment
    • compass
    • dive computer
    • safety buoy
    • lamps for night diving
  • dive insurance during training

I.D.D AOW : 8,500 ฿
PADI AOW = 10,000 ฿