Open Water Diver course

Open Water Course

Our Open Water course is accessible for young and old, and upon completion provides an unlimited, worldwide valid diving certificate.

Scuba diving is simply watching fish underwater. It is not difficult at all and fun to get your first diving certificate.

You dive with your legs but keep your wits about you and that is why we at Impian Divers pay a lot of attention to your awareness during diving.
On-line study possible!
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Koh Tao

Diving on Koh Tao has the advantages of the island being super cozy & safe, with plenty of dive sites ideal for the beginner and advanced diver.

In addition, it remains one of the cheapest diving destinations in South East Asia.


Our courses are adapted to individual needs, as sometimes it takes you some more time to feel more comfortable.

In this case, an extra afternoon session in shallow water will be scheduled. This gives you more confidence and fun during the course. We have plenty of time.

At Impian Divers the open water diving course lasts 3 – 3.5 days and why not immediately continue with the advanced open water course?

Only 2 extra days and therefore very easy to combine with your holiday schedule.

Course content

After the administrative part and accepting the course conditions, the lesson starts with a good explanation dive theory and reasons why and which exercises you will do later that afternoon in shallow water.

After lunch break we bring you with our own boat to a beautiful dive site for the 1st exercises in shallow water.

You will start at knee depth, so you can easily just stand up if necessary. Goals is to stay under water and control your breathing.

Once relaxed we practise some basic skills before slowly go a bit deeper.

In water we always teach in small groups of maximum 4 divers per dive instructor.

The 4 dives of the open water course are given as much as possible at different locations, if the weather conditions allow this.

This to gain more experience and to see more of the island.

The open water course has 4 links between tests and a final exam. All multiple-choice questions about everything you did during the course.

1 on 1 instruction is possible, but please reserve in time and is subject to availability of dive staff during the high season (July-Aug and Dec-Jan)


This is absolutely no problem to complete the tests and exams. Report it and we will simply go through everything verbally.

Scuba Diver

If you cannot complete the last diving day for personal reasons, you can still earn a diving certificate.

All you have left to do is take the final exam.

We call this certificate Ocean Explorer or Scuba Diver, it is also valid worldwide and unlimited up to a maximum depth of 12 meters.

Scuba Diver / Ocean Explorers must always dive under the supervision of a dive master or instructor.

Price Scuba Diver

I.D.D : 8,000 Thai baht
PADI : 10,000 Thai baht

Junior Open Water

Junior (10-14 years) open water course must complete the same training requirements as for adults

So independently performing the same in-water exercises and the same theory exam, again giving the correct answers .

Teaching youngsters

Questions from the exam can be sometimes even for adults difficult to understand.

By putting the questions in different wording, we guide juniors in this way with their tests and the final exam.

Choice Koh Tao dive sites

We also let juniors make every training dive on a different dive site, as far as the weather conditions allow.

We do pay extra attention to their safety, and that they can easily can apply permitted maximum depths. However, this does means that they can only dive in the afternoon, as their maximum allowable depth is 12m (up to 14 years).


Day 1:
08:30 equipment fitting
explanation of equipment, dive theory exercises and basic rules.
11:00 lunch break
12:00 departure boat
13:00 shallow water exercises
14:30  open water dive #1
17:00 feedback & access to E-learning

Optional extra training day:
11:30  explanation exercises day 2
12:00 departure boat
13:00 exercises in shallow water
14:30 open water dive #2
17:00 feedback & logging dives

Day 3
07:00 Departure boat
08:30 open water dive 3
10:00 open water dive 4
11:30 Logbooks, final administration, and party!

An additional extra training day is at your own request or decision made by the instructor.

As a result, the course lasts only half a day longer, as the last afternoon will be shorter.
So still possible to leave Koh Tao with 14:30 afternoon boat.

open water course participants

But why not plan your vacation on Koh Tao a bit longer than 3 days, so you will have time to complete the training with an additional training day.

Or why not make some relaxed fun dives with our dive masters after completing your open water diving course. Wasn’t that the reason you got your OW license?

Or why not even continue with the advanced open water course? We will offer you a 10% discount if you do the advanced open water directly after the open water course.


  • Minimum age 10 years
  • Swimming certificate or demonstrable good swimming skills
  • Instructor assesses the student’s physical and mental ability to complete the course.
  • Valid medical certificate (Fit to Dive)
  • Signed Disclaimer of Liability
    • signed by the parent / guardian if a minor


I.D.D : 9,000 Thai baht
PADI : 11,000 Thai baht

  • E-manual & diving license
  • Log book
  • Use complete diving equipment
    • including use of dive computer
  • diving insurance